sOo's cOllage - Moers Festival 2009

When asked why she plays music, Soo-Jung Kae responds, "To me, there are so many things that cannot be described or explained through words. But when I play piano, I don't have to use words to express my feelings and thoughts. If I am sad, I play sad melodies. If I am in a funny mood, I play funny notes. It's that simple. When my emotions are successfully conveyed to the listener through my music, it's a much stronger experience than if they were to read an essay of mine." (Jeff Song)

Chung U Choi _b

sOo-Jung Kae

Angelika Niescier _sax

Byungjun Kwon _electr

Tomas Fujiwara _dr

Die Fotos zeigen sOo's cOllage live auf dem Moers-Festival 2009.


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