Stone Gossard und der Groove

Wie erschließt ein Musiker eine wertvolle Quelle? Der Gitarrist und Songwriter der Rockband Pearl Jam berichtet im Interview mit Vic Gabarini über den körperorientierten Zugang zur Musik:

"The focus of my playing is the groove, and every time I find a new rhythm, I find I can write a bunch of new songs. Learning how to dance, or drum, or to swing my body in a new way is the fundamental way I find a new riff. Because when you learn to swing your body in a new way, you begin to swing with your instrument differently, and it affects where you drop notes in a phrase. That riff dance changes, as you feel drawn to let one note come in a millisecond later, and another drag."

Zitat: The Stone Gossard Interview by Vic Gabarini

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