Luc Ex - Michael Vatcher - Jan Klare
tourdates: spring & sommer 2014

Jan Klare würde sich über ein volles haus  freuen - 

der ex „the ex“ bassist luc ex, u.a john zorn „spy vs spy“ drummer michael vatcher und jan klare spielen kurz vor ihrer cd veröffentlichung eine kurze tour - die daten sind:
19. februar, la resistenza, Gent (BE)
20. februar, just music festival, Wiesbaden
21. februar, westf. kunstverein, Münster

Luc Ex´s bass playing is unique – he was a longtime member of „The Ex" and has toured all the relevant european festivals with "Four Walls" or "Sol 6". Amsterdam based, american native drummer Michael Vatcher has a.o. worked with John Zorn or Ken Vandermark, he is being considered as one of the important improvisers on his instrument worldwide. Jan Klare has just recently gained attention through his work with groups such as his extra large orchestra „The Dorf", that has started playing some big festivals, such as the Moers Festival.

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