Steve Lehman Octet
Moers Festival 2010

Foto: Jonathan Finlayson, Moers Festival 2010

'Travial, Transformation & Flow' vom Steve Lehman Octet wurde im Dezember 2009 von der New York Times zum besten Jazz/Pop Album des Jahres gekürt.

Zuvor schrieb John Fordham über das Steve Lehman Octet: „ ... The young New York alto saxist has his feet firmly planted in both contemporary-classical and jazz camps, and this ambitious venture adds expanded brass to his razor-sharp band. His combining of textures, layering of rhythms and mind-boggling juggles with bar-lengths sounds like a Dave Holland band with a rhythm section in hyperdrive. The dominant sounds change constantly, so one piece is for leisurely double-bass over racing drums; another (No Neighbourhood Rough Enough) features a bass and tuba intro, but with a tussle between Lehman's skimming alto and Mark Shim's guttural tenor as its centrepiece, winding up on funereal bell-tolling and a lonely trumpet. It's 21st-century composer's jazz and maybe a bit cerebral for some - but the spontaneous jazz fire isn't doused at all.“



Foto: Steve Lehman, Moers Festival 2010

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