a kind of musical laboratory ...

Maceo Parker und David Sanborn spielen am Mittwoch den 5.11.2008 in Leverkusen.

Musiker beziehen in Interviews Stellung zu ihrer musikalischen Haltung, David Sanborn im Gespräch mit Akbar Nour:

Akbar Nour: "Well, is Montreux Jazz Festival a kind of musical laboratory where you can experiment news sounds and performances with new musicians?"

David Sanborn: "Yes, that is exactly right, because I have never done this before, what I did last night. You try things out and you get ideas when listening to people you never heard of before. It stimulates your imagination. So that is a very important aspect of this festival." *

* smoothjazznow-Interview:
David Sanborn Interview: No Limits To Music

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